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Published on January 24th, 2015 | by Leighton Boyd


Jump-Science Program Review

When Boydz N The Hood launched, one of the first people we contacted to partner with was Coach Daniel Back who created the Jump-Science Program. We wanted to provide our readers with the opportunity to access what we believe is the best value and most comprehensive jump program available. We are pleased to offer you 10% off any of the training packages by clicking here and using the discount code, bnth-discount.

Our first impression of Jump-Science was that it was affordable and that Coach Back had a huge vertical himself! It did not promise a quick fix like many jump programs on the internet do, but rather had clear, detailed information on top of personal support. The immediate positives we noticed were different levels of the program based on your current ability, emails and Facebook questions were answered promptly, Coach Back gave educated and researched advice, a no-weights option was provided for those who don’t have access to equipment and the science behind peaking your vertical leap was explained with an emphasis on rest weeks after workout phases.

Jump Science Pic

Jump-Science founder, Coach Daniel Back, displaying his amazing vertical leap! sets itself apart from other jump programs available. Having used Air Alert previously, the downside of that program was that you are instructed to increase your workout repetitions every week over 12 weeks and towards the end of the program you end up doing over 1000 reps in one exercise. While it did result in an increased vertical leap, the high number of reps resulted in muscle fatigue and soreness more than athletic gain. It felt like the process to increasing vertical leap was about working harder for longer. Jump-Science however, is about strength through science; working smarter for a shorter amount of time, with rest weeks built into the program. When we were searching for a jump program to use, some of our friends had used The Jump Manual and had great experiences using that program, but as students the price was expensive for us. After some more searching online, we found; it was less than half the price of The Jump Manual and had extensive detail along with positive testimonials, so we didn’t hesitate in purchasing.

First Dunk Since Teenage Years

We found that Jump-Science was not a program falsely claiming miraculous vertical gains, but it was about consistent AND CORRECT hard work that achieved real results. Think about it – if a jump program is offering 12 inch gains in six weeks that should cause the alarm bells to ring; they are trying to get a quick sale and not taking into account your individual situation and current physical condition. Coach Back does take your individual situation into account and based on your flexibility, strength and current vertical leap he has designed multiple levels in his program for all abilities and gives you detailed resources to help you progress in your athletic development. What were the results of using the Jump-Science program? Here is the video with month-by-month progress:

One of the most important lessons you will learn from using Jump-Science is that form and function are more important than fancy exercises or physical aesthetics (like developing a six-pack). As a by-product of using Jump-Science you will develop an amazing physique (like the transformation in the video above), but more importantly your body will be prepared for relevant use in your chosen sport; for basketball players that means improved rebounding ability, quicker on defense, increased core strength and of course you will also better at dunking!

The Jump-Science program is holistic; including a warm-up routine, stretching exercises, a no weights option, different levels based on your current ability and a wealth of information in the ‘Jump-Science University’ – the section on where Coach Back writes blog entries based on his College Degree in Exercise Science and his wealth of experience training collegiate and professional athletes.

Tips when using Jump-Science

  • Take the time to read the comprehensive information – learn the right way to complete exercises from the beginning and you will reap the benefits at a greater rate later on.
  • Continue coming back to the Jump-Science website because Coach Back has done and will continue doing the research for you; he is training athletes and training himself and is regularly posting and updating his training information to keep you informed on the latest athletic development principles.
  • Other benefits available as part of Jump-Science include stretching exercises to increase flexibility and an upper body workout routine. If you have never been very flexible, the biggest surprise might just be how much your flexibility improves by following the stretching routine provided.
  • Be consistent with workouts – the Jump-Science program is only three workouts a week, if you stick to the program you will see results, if you only workout once a week you’re not going to get the best results. Set yourself a goal, write it down, share it with others and stick to the program. If you do, you will have long term physical health and athletic gains based on correct training information.

Since first completing the program in 2013, as seen in the video above, Jump-Science 2.0 was released, which we completed and resulted in a personal best vertical leap! Here is a photo after a rest week at the Wakefield Street outdoor courts in Adelaide, South Australia. There was a group of guys playing 2on2 at another hoop who stopped their game to watch when this happened; consistent hard work paying off!!

Jump Picture

Leighton Boyd reaping the benefits of committing to correct and consistent Jump-Science program workouts.


The Facebook page likes and YouTube views show this is a fast-growing, high quality program. A jump program offering what does should cost more, so make sure you take advantage of the best value jump program on the internet and do not get duped into buying quick fix programs with unrealistic promises.

Purchasing Jump-Science Program

To take advantage of our partnership with Jump-Science, click here and use the discount code, bnth-discount, to get 10% off any of the training packages. Feel free to ask us any questions and we look forward to hearing success stories like ours from using Jump-Science!


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